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Why Swedish Credit

There are three main reason to have a business relation with a bank: Protection and custody money, have financial services and increase money value with safe and profitable investments. With the head “we help money to get value” that’s is what we intend.

Swedish Credit International is a fintech company with services of bank account and debit cards. Through his holding company NOAH  SPA seated in Italy, address investments in profitable companies in order to obtain a relevant profit for itself and for the clients investors of the  company.

During 2020 is became financial and strategic partner of CAMELOT INVESTMENTSwhich is a peer to peer lending company focalised in loan to companies in Europe.

So, we custody and protect money the customers relying on us, we give them home banking  solutions and debit cards to serve their needs and, again, if they like to invest with us, we help THEIR money to get value.